About halcons

Halcons Ltd was incorporated in Uganda in 2011. Halcons has a humble beginning with a steady growth and has managed to attain its goals in a very short span of time.Halcons is the brain child of Two dynamic and determined entrepreneurs, who with there experience and end less efforts have single handedly set up and established a successful running model although in its early stages, its steadily attaining all its goals while expanding on its capacity.

The company has ambitious plans to build upon a reputation for Civil engineering and Construction with heart to produce excellent high quality products by diversifying into areas of manufacture of various construction materials to meet the region's sustained demand for construction materials such as blocks, pavers, road slabs, curb stones, culverts. The company's operations involve construction services headed by young and dynamic expertise.

Halcons is one of the leading engineering, procurement, construction and related technical services organizations, serving industry sectors and geographic markets.Halcons achieves this through the know how of its people by contributing to the success of its clients through value added services and by continuous investment in the improvement of its technical and managerial competence.

Halcons' vision, built on experience and innovation, is to maintain and strengthen its core engineering business, to develop new skills and activities, and to respond to the changing needs of clients and markets.

Halcon's strategy for sustained growth is anchored in the development of world class products, its far reaching international network and its financing capabilities and to be the supplier of high quality, distinctive products/services and respected for unequalled customer service delivery in the Construction industry.